2017 Friday Night League

Welcome to the home page of the Friday Night League ("FNL").

Here you will find all the information you need about the FNL, especially the teams, the players and the their fixtures.

Start date:   Friday, 19th May 2017    End date: Friday, 1st September 2017

Rest days:  26th May & 18th August

Start time:    6.30pm prompt

The final league positions for the 2017 competition are shown here.

Following a closely-fought competition only 5 points separated 7 of the 8 teams and only 1 point separated the first 3 teams; final places were decided by overall shot difference. Congratulations to the winners, Team 4 (Ted Brothers, Chris Cole, Gill Davies, Karen Peirce & Jan Taylor), and to the runners up, Team 8 (Brian Bamford, Carol Brothers, Elaine Davies, Mark Hallam & Eric Lovelock) in second place and Team 6 (Ray Cole, Gill Murray, Geoff Millman, Arthur Vince & Pam Walsh) in third.

The 2017 Teams

There are 8 Teams of 5 players. Each Match Night the teams play each other as set out in the League's Fixtures list..  Three players from each team play on the night specified in each Team's Fixtures sheet:

Team 1 Fixtures    Team 2 Fixtures   Team 3 Fixtures   Team 4 Fixtures

Team 5 Fixtures   Team 6 Fixtures   Team 7 Fixtures   Team 8 Fixtures

Fees, Points and Prizes

A £2.50 entrance fee is paid on the first evening that you play together with 50p for the evening. (i.e. £3.00 for your first session and then 50p each time you subsequently play). Money is to be put into your team’s plastic wallet in the Pavillion.

Two points will be awarded for a win and one for a draw. The difference between ‘shots for’ and ‘shots against’ will be used to determine league places if points are equal. On the Presentation Night on 18th November 2017, cash prizes will be paid to the winners, runners up and third place in the league.

Green Ranger

The Green Ranger for each Match Night (as specified in the FNL Fixtures List) is to ensure rinks are ready for play by 6.30pm and to collect all wallets and signed score cards and place in box provided.


Each match consists of 14 ends. No trial ends. If a game needs to be abandoned after the start it is only deemed a proper game after 10 ends are completed – otherwise it will need to be rearranged. Towards the end of the season when the evenings are drawing in we will alter the number of ends played NOT the start time. This decision will be made by the organisers on the day. A dead end (as defined by the EIBA) shall not result in penalty shots nor be counted as played.

Availability of Players

A team consists of 3 players; however, if only 2 players are present at the start the team shall forfeit 25% of its total score. (The team with 2 players – lead 4 woods, skip 4 woods. The team with 3 players – lead 2 woods, second 2 woods, skip 4 woods).  A player arriving late may join the team in play if not more than 4 ends have been completed, but the team shall forfeit 25% of its score for those ends already played. A team failing to be present for play by 15 minutes after the start time shall forfeit the game. The opponents will be awarded 2 points and 5 shots.

If you are unable to play on any of your allocated evenings it is your responsibility to arrange for another member of your team to take your place. If no other team member is available, you may ask a club member who is not assigned to any team to take your place. Contact details for playing members are available here


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