The 100 Club

Help EBC and help yourselves!

By buying a number in the 100 Club you will be making a valuable contribution to our income, and also getting a chance to win a cash prize in our regular draws.

Members who entered the 2017 competition, and their numbers, are shown here and on a Noticeboard in the Clubhouse, together with the lucky winners drawn during the year. 2017 winners to date are:

Winners - 9th July Winners - 19th Aug Winners - 28th Aug Winners - 23rd Sept
Dorothy Miles (70) Linda Clarke (6) Jean Griffiths (19) Marilyn Gibbons (42)
David Gibbons (14) Val Rayner (48) Ray Cole (8) Pat Dixon (10)
Colin Williams (61) Brian Bamford (11) Denis Crawford (16) Jenny Moore (28)

All numbers drawn remain eligible for further draws to be made during 2017. 

100 club 2017 Cavendish Day   

  Mike asked Linda to push the button on the magic machine to draw numbers on 2017's Cavendish Day






Why the 100 Club?

Eastcote Bowling Club is a non-profit organisation and depends on the support of its members. Members' subscriptions are the prime source of income and cover our essential running costs. But as a club we want to continue to work to improve our facilities for the enjoyment of all members and for that we need your help.

Our social events as well as being good fun also help with our funding so please keep on enjoying them! To make them more interesting (and to help the club even more, of course), why not buy one or more numbers in the 100 Club draw? Each number costs £10 and gives you an entry in all the draws made in the calendar year.The winner of each draw receives £25 to spend as they see fit (but if you want to buy your friends a drink, Ray Cole won't mind a bit!) Draws are made at all the major social events during the year, with the intention that there will be at least 12 draws during 2017.

If you haven't done so already, to buy a number, or numbers if you are feeling flush, please contact our Treasurer, Mike Milward.

....and good luck!


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